20+ years of experience, 5000+ performances, in over 50 cities.


History of innovation and leadership

J-P Koala has created many street shows over the course of his career.  From the high skill juggling of his twenties, through the absurd and experimental comedy of his thirties, to the nuanced personal audience interaction that is now his hallmark, J-P has always asked, "what makes a street show great?"  Never settling for a singular answer, J-P has experimented with show structures, routines, audience demographics, and pitches in search of the many different ways a street show can be great.  This thirst for discovery, and his true love of the craft, have given him the flexibility and immense playfulness that can be seen in his show today.

J-P is also involved in pitch management.  He is the City of Sydney Busking Safety Assessor, in collaboration with the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA).  In this role he auditions and educates performers applying for a license in Sydney, Australia.  He has been hired by the Mayor of London to consult on pitch development for the Busk in London Festival, as well as routinely liaising with other festivals and associations throughout Australia and around the world.

Among all of this, J-P is best known for his dedicated mentorship of other performers. Creating, developing and workshopping with beginners to some of the best shows in the world.


One of the best loved and respected street entertainers to visit the Stockholm Street Festival... In a moment he can take an audience from awe to laughter. From delight to wonderment.
From tears to joyous applause in one split second.
— Stockholm Street Festival

Performances Around the World:

  • Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dumfries

  • England: Newcastle, York, Durham, Bath, London, Glastonbury, Canterbury, Cambridge, Stratford, Shrewsbury, Chester, Ely

  • Ireland: Cork, Dublin, Londonderry

  • Sweden: Stockholm

  • Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Gent

  • Holland: Amsterdam Rotterdam France Paris

  • Canada: Waterloo, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Dundas, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City

  • United States: New York, Boston, Seattle

  • Singapore

  • United Arab Emirates: Dubai

  • New Zealand: Wellington

  • Australia: Sydney, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Avoca, Maitland, Barooga, Lismore, Grafton, Melbourne, Mortlake, Port Fairy, Adelaide, Perth, Fremantle, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Maroochydore, Canberra

Festivals, Including:

  • Stockholm Street Festival

  • Waterloo Busker Carnival

  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  • Edmonton Fringe Festival

  • Little Italy Festival, Toronto, Canada

  • Durham Street Festival

  • Dundas Buskerfest

  • Victoria Fringe Festival

  • Port Fairy Folk Festival

  • Saskatoon Fringe Festival

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival

  • Lithgow Ironfest

  • Busk in London Festival

  • Sydney Festival

  • Vivid

  • And A Hundred More!